Bush Baby My Habitat 200ml

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Product Description

It's more then just a personal outdoor repellent spray. It helps to keep those nasty biting bugs away as well as soothe and helps to heal bites you may have already had. It also aids in the soothing and healing of skin irritations, rashes or burns and has been proven effective in keeping ticks away from humans.


If you happen to get scrub itch (tiny grass ticks in the soft areas of your body) or a normal tick spray Bush Baby over the area and wait for them to fall out. If a normal sized tick does not fall out after spraying then gently remove with tweezers as soon as you can. It will also help with the irritation that ticks create under the skin.


Apply to skin and/or clothing to stop those annoying insects from biting. BushBaby contains a mix of pure essential oils that insects don't like in a water base. It also contains aloe vera and glycerine to soothe the skin. Non-toxic and not-residual, Bush Baby needs to be reapplied often throughout the day to keep bugs at bay. Suitable for the whole family and all ages. 

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