Cacao Powder Organic.

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Product Description

Cacao powder is made from the finest cacao beans and has a decadent and full-bodied chocolate flavour. The beans are extracted from the inside of the Cacao fruit which contains both the beans (seeds) and a white pulp. The beans are separated from the pulp and left to ferment for 5-6 days. After fermentation, the beans go through a drying process below 40C.

The Cacao Beans are then husked and ground to produce Cacao Paste. During this process, part of the Cacao Paste is pressed to separate the Cacao Butter from what is now called the Cacao Cake. The Cake is then pulverized to become Cacao Powder.

How to Use:

Enjoy cacao powder in hot chocolate, smoothies and brownies, or top your dessert with an elegant dusting of this fine powder. Cacao is a very popular ingredient in raw food and cakes. For a cup of hot chocolate, mix half to one teaspoon of cacao into a smooth paste with a little cold milk. Add hot milk while stirring briskly.


Organic Raw Cacao Powder